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New Alveolater® Rockwool

New Alveolater® Rockwool
By Editorial Staff -
Consorzio Alveolater has participated in the project

The latest brick to be designed by Consorzio Alveolater® in collaboration with Laterizi Alan Metauro is an interlocking block filled with insulating rockwool for infill, or filler, walls. Produced at the Alan plant in Secchiano (Puglia), the new brick is available in formats 35x25x25 cm and 35x25x19 cm, both of which allow the construction of 35 cm thick walls.
The brick’s special design means that walls can be built with the bricks creating either horizontal or vertical hollow channels. When positioned vertically, with the row of holes towards the interior of the building, the perforations can be used as electrical wire ducts, greatly reducing the need to create conduits from scratch. Heat transmittance of walls made of bricks with partial rockwool filling and a 1.5 cm thick plaster coating on either side is 0.36 W/m2K, calculated with the finite elements method and taking into consideration increases due to moisture equilibrium (UNI En standard 10456). This complies with maximum transmittance values for D Zones applicable as of 1st January 2010 under decree law 192/2005 and 311/2006. If the bricks are fully insulated, heat transmittance goes down to 0.335 W/m2K, in which case the wall complies with the E Zone regulations to be applied in 2010. These results were obtained using normal mortar (conductivity 0.93 W/m2K) for all horizontal joint widths and as a plaster coating. If the bricks are laid with thermal mortar (conductivity 0.27
W/m2K), the transmittance of a wall of fully insulated bricks falls to 0.30 W/m2K. Further improvements can be achieved using low thermal conductivity plaster renders.

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