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Nautilus by Aldabra

Nautilus by Aldabra
By Redazione The Plan -
Nautilus is designed to have a large exposed surface for improved dissipation (30% more than other products with similar features); in the High-Depth version, this capacity is improved even further with the use of highly efficient materials. Nautilus must be mounted in its enclosure, enabling constant recycling of water; it features IP68 quick-fit connector, which means that during installation or any maintenance, the fixture can be disconnected from the power supply cable without necessarily removing the cable from the system and without emptying the swimming pool or tub. Available in sizes Ø160 mm (10 W), Ø235 mm (40 W) and Ø275 mm (65 W), in the monochromatic version (3000K and 5500K) or in the RGBW version, with 26° optics or 48°x25° elliptical optics. Nautilus has a protection rating of IP68 and a 12 Vdc power supply, so it can be installed underwater, in compliance with the international laws in force; an internal circuit optimizes the LED operations, protecting them against any accidental temperature surges (e.g. if the pool is emptied while the lights are operating).
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