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Naturalia by Arpa
By Editorial Staff -
Naturalia is an environment-friendly material, made from renewable resources. The wood fibres used to produce Naturalia are issued from certified European forests and comply with the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) requirements. The fibres are impregnated and blended with thermosetting resins and pressed at high temperature. The result is a homogeneous panel, with an entirely natural optical and tactile decorative finish, due to the solidity and random arrangement of the fibres themselves, and characterised by soft colours deriving from the organic pigmented resins. Highly uniform, very solid, water-resistant, with high density and good load capacity, Naturalia offers total freedom for projects; it proves ideal both for horizontal uses, such as counters, furniture items, supporting surfaces and particularly for kitchen worktops (it is hygienic and highly resistant to service scratches), and for various vertical applications, such as wall coverings, dividing elements or panelling. It can also be cut into many shapes and in any direction, can be milled and routered and is easily workable.

Six colour tones: Grano [Wheat], Duna [Dune], Lichene [Lichen], Marna [Marn], Castagna [Chestnut] and Ossidiana [Oxidian], each of which evoke the emotion of a particular environmental context.

Four finishes: Erre, Ghibli, Larix, Naked. It is possible to produce special finishes on request.

Format and thickness
Size of standard panel: 3050 x 1300 mm. Three standard thicknesses: 6.4, 9.7 and 12.8 mm. It is possible to request made-to-measure thicknesses, provided these are between 16 and 32 mm.
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