Natural stones for creative designs
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Natural stones for creative designs

Natural stones for creative designs
By Redazione The Plan -
Antolini has participated in the project

Antolini uses its more than 60 years of know how to process and sell natural stones from quarries all over the world, thirty of which are directly owned or managed by the company. Craftsmanship and technological research merge to offer solutions that enhance natural beauty, make processing easier and increase durability, offering the products that designers and architects need to match their creativity in a whole host of sectors, including residential, retail, hotels, spas, showrooms, offices, public spaces and large contracts. 

The color hues of each Antolini stone recall nature, but also reflect the opportunity for stimulating cross-contamination from the world of art, design and fashion. 

The company not only offers thousands of natural stones, but also a series of exclusive materials, such as Black Cosmic, Black Fantasy, Bianco Lasa/Covelano “Vena Oro”,  Taj Mahal and Quartzite Cielo. Originally from Brazil, Black Cosmic granite is unique because of its crisp, intense black with white quartz veins, clusters of mica schist and small golden garnets. Black Fantasy merges light and darkness. Strikes of rusty and silver sparkle against the black backdrop, which seems to turn deep blue. The precious Bianco Lasa/Covelano “Vena Oro”, from Val Venosta, has a uniform look and solid, translucent white backdrop, with light shading. Not only is it easy to process, but it also has excellent chemical, physical, and mechanical properties. It can be mirror polished to highlight its shine, colors and transparency. Taj Mahal captures the light and gives it back with almost imperceptible nuances that have an emotional appeal. It is an extremely elegant material, ideal for modern or classic settings. The texture of Quartzite Cielo evokes the color of the sky before a storm, with bluish green, silvery touches of grey and golden highlights that create a surface effect blending solidity and movement. 

The company is constantly on the lookout for new solutions and recently presented thirty new materials at the Antolini Stone Week, including Sandalus, Blue Dorato, Apuan Fantasy and Invisible Light.

Sandalus is a soft quartzite that is reminiscent of wood from equatorial forests. A rich golden brown stands out against a thick grey backdrop, tracing shiny veins in hazelnut and chestnut hues.  Blue Dorato is deep blue, highlighted by golden veins with touches of white. Its classic texture creates amazing contrasts, especially in contemporary designs. Apuan Fantasy has veins and multiple shades of grey, with a soft, curving flow that evokes the passing of time and the stratification of stone surfaces. Invisible Light combines solids and voids, light and dark, the visible and invisible. Its ice white surface, criss-crossed by grey lines and irregular darts of light, is perfect for interior design projects. Tundra Grey is also dominated by grey and its surface reveals veins shaped like creamy or gunmetal clouds. 



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