Natural looking ceramic tiles
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Natural looking ceramic tiles

Natural looking ceramic tiles
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Marazzi Mystone is a collection of full body, coloured porcelain stoneware tiles that merge aesthetics with excellent technical performance to produce natural looking stone colours and textures. Since they can be used indoors and outdoors, seamless continuity is possible. The original target market was residential flooring and wall cladding, but these tiles are also well suited to public and commercial areas with high footfall. The collection includes an array of formats, with trim pieces and mesh-backed mosaics. The bottom line is real design freedom to produce creative compositions. The extra-thick 20 mm version can be used for areas of vehicle traffic and can be dry laid on surfaces like grass, sand and gravel. The Marazzi Mystone range includes Gris Fleury in White, Taupe, Beige, Grey and Black along with the Natural, Lux and Outdoor surface finishes, the latter being bush hammered. There are five available sizes, including an extra-thick 60x60 cm version and the 30x30 cm mosaic, with a woven texture that produces an irregular and dynamic effect.
Pietra di Vals is also available in the Natural, Lux and Outdoor finishes, but also comes in three colours - Grey, Anthracite and Greige - and six sizes, including an extra-thick 40x120 cm version.
The mosaic (30x60 cm) even has a 3D version that produces a strong material effect.

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