Nativo Corteccia by Azzura
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Nativo Corteccia by Azzura

Nativo Corteccia by Azzura
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Its uniqueness is, in fact, expressed by the original relationship between the small functional area and its vertical development. The latter is lengthen and suspended, hunged to the wall at its top.
Distinguished by a slim thickness and a deep basin, it reminds about a dig trunk, whose bark has an highly innovative glaze, already patented by Azzurra. "Corteccia" (his name- which in Italian stands for bark) is an innovative glazing system. It is obtained through a combination of a unique chemical composition with a process of complex and specific application.
It is one-a-kind product, that thanks to its "roughness", reminds the secular trunks of an unspoilt nature. It represents the only viable alternative - for made of ceramic sanitary wares- to the simple smooth surface or external application, involving higher risk of deterioration. Corteccia guarantee an adequate permanence in time without deterioration, as required in this kind of product.
These are the color variations available: blue, brown, gray, white, black.
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