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Limestone through Technology

Mystone Berici
By Editorial Staff -
Marazzi has participated in the project

During Tile Week 2023, Marazzi opened the doors of its headquarters to showcase its products and the technologies used to produce them, and took the opportunity to present the latest addition to the extensive Mystone catalog: the Mystone Berici stoneware collection. Available in five different sizes, Mystone Berici is inspired by the calcareous rocks found in the Vicenza area, in particular limestone, exalting the essence of these materials and continuing to develop the Mystone line as Marazzi seeks new ways to reproduce the esthetics of the most beautiful stones, reducing the need for their extraction and contributing to a more sustainable world.

The neutral, warm tones of limestone – reproduced in four colors, Bianco, Beige, Cenere and Grigio – blend on a surface that looks like it is made of shells, rounded microfossils and detritus to give it an extremely realistic texture. This effect was achieved through the use of 3D Ink technology, perfected in Marazzi’s laboratories and already used in other collections to achieve a perfect overlap between 3D graphics and structures, which are different for each individual piece.

Mystone Berici Courtesy Marazzi


The 3D Ink technology adds volume and material realism to surfaces by combining an optical recognition system with high print precision, while Touch technology takes digital printing one step further by adding glossy and matte glass-like textures to inkjet patterns. The joint use of Touch and 3D Ink technologies was critical in achieving the depth and textural realism in Mystone Berici’s Flora decors, where the tone-on-tone floral motif, with glossy and matte grains on the surface, was also used for floor tiles in the 60x120 cm format. The collection is further enriched by the 60x120 cm 3D Righe structure, which has a slight relief on a background rich in limestone elements, and the 60x180 cm Strip mosaic, which can only be used as cladding and consists of three modules with titanium-colored metal inserts. All in all, the result is a line that, like the other collections in the Mystone catalog, can be used both indoors and outdoors and, thanks to Marazzi’s patents, faithfully reproduces natural stone effects.

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