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By Editorial Staff -

MUSA+ is the Fiandre collection dedicated to the understated charm of neutral shades, proposed in a variety of forms that offers endless possibilities for personalization, resulting therefore in a product that responds to the desire of today’s consumer, who wants increasingly unique, tailor-made spaces for their home.
The colour range extends from Chalk white to Midnight black, from Clay to Umber brown and to Pearl grey. Five shades that, matched with each other, permit the design of refined, original environments, characterized by an elegance that transcends fashion.
The ample choice of sizes and textures available creates scope for creativity and experimentation (slabs, strips, boards, hexagons, squares, but also diamonds). Endless patterns can be created thanks to the basic modules.
MUSA+ is an incredibly versatile collection, designed for both public and private use. The smaller sizes are well suited to residential architecture, while the larger ones are intended for contract and retail.
Many combinations are possible, also thanks to the three finishes: Naturale, which shows off the imperfections of stone, Glossy, which recalls ripples on the surface of water, and Relief, with a raised wood effect.
To demonstrate all the potential of this collection, Fiandre has designed some interior suggestions inspired by the moods: Greenery, where the neutral tones of settings are invaded and invigorated by green (represented in the photo), Raw, with clear Scandinavian origins, Geometrico, which provides space for the purity of lines, and 50+Metalli, characterised by echoes of the fifties, where the shine of metallic surfaces like brass and copper lends the room a touch of light.

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