Multiquartz20 - Flexible, durable outdoor flooring
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Multiquartz20 - Flexible, durable outdoor flooring

Multiquartz20 - Flexible, durable outdoor flooring
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Marazzi has participated in the project
Marazzi’s Multiquartz20 is a collection of 20 mm thick stoneware tiles suited to outdoor areas where beauty and durability are equally important. These tiles are easy to lay, remove and reposition, which equates to minimal maintenance and real flexibility. Available in white, beige and grey, they only come in the 60x60 cm version, but can be laid on grass, sand or gravel as well as being glued or used with floating systems. Laying them directly on grass opens up options like creating paths or paved areas in gardens, playgrounds or public spaces, especially as the slabs are resistant to mould and chemical agents. Laying them on sand is an excellent solution for seaside bathing resorts as Multiquartz20 can handle the sun, salt, humidity and temperature changes. The tiles can also be removed and repositioned with ease, to cater for different seasons. Using gravel provides excellent drainage due to the absence of grouting and works superbly for patios, paths and courtyards. When Multiquartz20 is laid with screed and adhesive, it can be used for driveways and similar structures for homes, public spaces and shops. The floating option provides the additional bonus of space for electric cables and water pipes, which greatly facilitate any maintenance. The substrate can be fixed, adjustable or self-levelling.

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