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Edited By Redazione The Plan - 26 October 2009

Since it was founded in 1978 Corradi SpA has designed made-to-measure pergolas and covered porches for public or private outdoor settings. The company’s patented system gives sun protection and stands up to wind and rain at their worst. The aim is to create an alternative to the traditional awning. Products are tailor-made to transform a garden or terrace into a cosy inhabitable environment all the year round.
In 1998 Corradi launched Pergotenda on the market, a combination of traditional pergola and sliding sun-roof. This concertina-sliding roof system is electronically commanded, fitted with an automatic limit switch, waterproof and made to measure.
The catalogue contains 8 products, free-standing or wall-mounted, varying in design, function and colour scheme, with ample scope for personalization. The Millenium system, for example, is a flat or sloping aluminium structure anchored to a supporting wall and available in three colours (aluminium-steel, anthracite and white).
The Pergotenda novelty Twin has a laminated Scandinavian wood structure and comes either in standard colours (light brown, white, walnut brown, grey, ivory, anthracite) or can be hand-chosen from the 200 shades of the RAL K7 spectrum. Twin again needs a side wall to anchor on.
In all Millenium structures the aluminium is treated with “aluinox”, which makes the metal surface look exactly like stainless steel. The PVC roofing fabric Eclissi is produced to Corradi specifications. Shading and non-see-through, on the underside it is embossed to give an acrylic texture. Pergotenda can be closed in on the sides by the Ermetika system: an aluminium structure and a rollable fabric. Mounted on side runners to hold the fabric taut, Ermetika can withstand strong wind and be left open without tearing or damaging. As of January 2009, Corradi has extended its range by buying Velombra which produces sail awnings, and Corradi Arredi which manufactures outdoor furniture.
One of Velombra’s show-pieces is the sail awning Intrepid, custom made to measure up to 50 m2. The structure is composed by two roller sails with an horizontal anodised aluminium bearing profile and stainless steel tie rod. The sail is in Dacron, a special fabric used for boat sails, which stands up to salt, wind and sunrays.


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