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Mori Fine Style Japan - The Japanese art of bathing

Mori Fine Style Japan - The Japanese art of bathing
By Editorial Staff -

The mori Fine Style Japan project took off at Dobbiaco with the aim of bringing certain Japanese traditions and values to Europe; among them, the traditional bath which is not just for cleanliness but a moral and spiritual ritual based on Zen Buddhism. As in the tea ceremony, the Japanese bath harnesses four principles: wa-kei-sei-jaku (harmony - reverence - purity - quiet). The water used is thermal or brought to about 40°C. Bathing the body in very warm water is already relaxing and comfortable but other conditions are created besides for the complete sensory experience: contact with natural materials, the fragrance of special timbers, the beauty of Japanese wood, the scent and colour of the water, the prescription of silence broken only by the sound of running water or a rustling breeze, and a relaxing view to admire.
Hot water has a beneficial effect on the skin, on body temperature, on the nervous system; it normalises the heart rate, the water pressure activates the respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems, while the upward thrust gives the body buoyancy and freedom.
The Japanese bathtub is about 60 cm deep to enable one to sit with water up to the shoulders, and is traditionally made out of one of five goboku woods: hiba, hinoki, koyamaki, nezuko or sawara. These are highly water-resistant and have properties that enhance health and wellbeing. As conifers, they give off a characteristic long-lasting fragrance; they are anti-bacterial and confer relaxation. In a wooden bathtub the water cools very slowly and can warm the body through.
Mori Fine Style Japan offers handcrafted bathtubs by experts from the Japanese Alpine forests. Japanese devotion to the purifying bath, plus a long tradition of working in wood, has led them to devise various shapes of bath, choosing and working the materials with discernment. Strictly the work of craftsmen, each tub is a one-off, can go in any indoor or outdoor setting for a truly regenerating, restoring experience. Baths can be personalized to commission in various respects: size (for 1-2 people or larger for, say, hotels), shape (rectangular, square, oval or round), position (free-standing or recessed), construction details, finish, a lid option, the choice of timber used.


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