Moradelli metal sheets - Designing with metal
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Moradelli metal sheets - Designing with metal

Moradelli metal sheets - Designing with metal
By Redazione The Plan -
Moradelli has participated in the project
Alpewa’s roofing and facades division offers innovative, top-quality metal solutions for architecture and design. At the heart of these products are aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, design freedom, sustainability and integration with energy-saving systems.
The Alpewa range is broad, encompassing Rheinzink titanium zinc and KME copper, with its array of TECU colours and surface architecture, and KME Design for furniture.
Partnering with the German company Moradelli - specialists in metal working - brought life to a line that blends Rheinzink titanium zinc metal surfaces with KME copper using Moradelli technology.
The metal working includes drilling, embossing - sometimes in combination - and both laser and waterjet cutting. The holes drilled can be standard circles or ovals at regular intervals, or alternatively customised patterns can be created. Similarly, the embossing can produce standard - circles, semi-circles, pyramids, diamonds - or customised shapes that produce original effects.
Moradelli works metal sheets that are between 0.3 mm and 12 mm thick, depending on the material. The resultant range of interior and exterior cladding ensures tremendous design freedom.

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