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Sitting in Infinite Comfort

By Editorial Staff -
Quadrifoglio Group has participated in the project

The moon becomes infinity. A desire to combine these two symbols, these two shapes, in an emblematic expression of lightness. Such was the origins of Moon, the latest iconic chair from Quadrifoglio Group, designed by Serena Papait and unveiled for the first time at the Workspace Expo in Paris and then, only a few days later, at the 2022 Salone del Mobile.Milano. The concept is particularly hard to imagine, yet the close partnership with this designer from Veneto, in Northern Italy, truly produced an innovative, almost iconic product with its sinuous lines that flow into an asymmetrical infinity.

Seduta Moon courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The characteristics inherent in this design make it a piece of sophisticated furniture that is as identifiable as it is comfortable, pushing ergonomics to a new level such that it becomes the essence of the creation. Extensive research and an original interpretation of key ergonomic points were at the basis of finding shapes that encouraged a correct, active posture for the back. This blending of creative flair and functionality guided the choices of the design, materials and dimensions. Similar considerations have driven the decision to offer four colors, so Moon can be integrated into different types of environments, from the office to the home and any living space. It has a polypropylene structural shell, with neoprene inserts to provide support for the actual seat and the knees. These inserts are a bit like small cushions that, made of a soft but not deformable material, provide a wonderful feeling of comfort.

The entire chair is actually flexible and, at the same time, robust and resistant, especially because of the variations in thickness. The clean lines and soft shapes are the fruit of countless preliminary studies using software and experimenting with loads that ultimately led Quadrifoglio to create five different prototypes in the search for the ideal materials and functional proportions.

Seduta Moon courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The designer herself began studying potential solutions about a decade ago. “Moon is a chair to experience”, explained Serena Papait, that despite only having one size “is suited to adolescents and adults alike, in about 90% of cases. It is a product you need to try because it is unconventional, an aspect that explains its name, a reference to that state of buoyancy similar to that ideally perceived in the absence of gravity”.

Moon is part of the new Design Living catalogue from Quadrifoglio Group, which includes a collection for the residential and hospitality sectors, the result of the Group’s recent rebranding.


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