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The Environment Gets Smart

By Editorial Staff -
Videoworks has participated in the project

With offices in Italy and Holland, Videoworks Group has more than twenty years’ experience in designing, installing and managing complete audio/video, entertainment, home automation and IT systems for high-end private homes, corporations and yachts. The Group’s experience ensures it has the know-how necessary to find the right technological solution for every situation, including high levels of customization. Last September, Videoworks gave the world a premiere of its Mood Meter at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Mood Meter space is based on a technology that takes the concept of customization to its ultimate expression: it creates a direct relationship between the environment and the mood of whoever is in the space. A sophisticated software recognizes facial expressions, transforming these inputs into an interplay of light, music and images that matches the user’s mood and creates a feeling of well-being. At the demo “emotions room” presented in Monaco, visitors had the chance to try out the ambitious project for themselves. On entering the room, people were asked to choose a musical genre for a video that aroused a variety of emotions: joy, surprise, anger, fear and sadness. Sensors picked up on their expressions, mapping their emotions in real time to activate playlists and colored lights associated with the moods shown earlier. The Mood Meter makes it possible for an environment to fluently mirror the experience of the people in it, enhancing their standards of comfort.


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