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Mixes by Carpet Concept
By Redazione The Plan -
Carpet Concept has participated in the project

Design by Hadi Teherani

The modular possibilities of the carpet tile as well as new materials and processing technologies mean that they are increasingly highlighted as design products. Together with the globally operating office of Hadi Teherani, Carpet Concept has reconceived this product as a design element. The key question was: How can we inspire architects and interior designers? The answer: a “set of shapes for designing architects”. Perfectly tailored for the flexible zoning and accentuation of rooms, areas or atmospheric open spaces in the office 4.0.

Mix organic
A consistent innovation – Mix Organic. This collection is characterised by freer shapes: organic tiles presenting an orthogonal respectively wave form. The objective was to take the innovative approach of Carpet Concept on step further, to create elegance and an innovative rhythm with this new collection.

Mix geometric
A world premiere of Japanese inspiration: the new Mix Geometric tile collection comprises generous formats and shapes. Its size, unusual for western standards, opens up new horizons for designs on the floor. For example the 2 x 1 metre large carpet tile, which is inspired by the traditional Japanese interior design using tatami mats. Derived from this in decimal degrees, Mix Geometric features another five, slightly smaller rectangular formats. If these modules are laid tone in tone or in plain colours with different surface structures according to the mix & match principle, an endless number of exciting tiling options arises.



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