Mink Lash Boutique in Vancouver, by Schédio
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Mink Lash Boutique, a Visual and Tactile Experience

The beauty salon, in the heart of Vancouver, is an ultra-contemporary space, designed to offer an immersive experience in an enchanted world, like an elevated Alice in Wonderland trip


Mink Lash Boutique in Vancouver, by Schédio
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Schédio designed the Mink Lash Boutique in Vancouver, Canada, with the aim of providing a visual and tactile experience that awakens curiosity. This space dedicated to beauty care manages to transport customers into an enchanting world, like a contemporary version of the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland.

The organic design, the unexpected combination of materials, the feeling of femininity, and an impressive floral sculpture characterize the interiors of the pink-dressed boutique, where every detail has been custom-made.

The Mink Lash Boutique perfectly embodies the fusion of esthetics and functionality, of natural materials and innovative technologies.

Mink Lash Boutique - Schédio


Mink Lash Boutique, a Dream-like Place in Vancouver

The boutique is located in Vancouver, in the Yaletown neighborhood. Here, the boundaries between fantasy and reality translate into a seamless organic design, where walls merge with the floor and the floor becomes a sink, with faucets coming directly from the ceiling, and the reception desk appears to be a cascade of molten gold pouring onto the floor.

The environment is welcoming with a palette of feminine and inviting colors, with a neutral and pink tones for the walls. The floors, a combination of three colors including dusty rose, muted olive, and sandy beige, perfectly complement the solid brass accents and the natural stone tones used for the lash beds.

Throughout the different spaces, a metallic ceiling mesh in a soft champagne color dynamically spreads the light to the underlying spaces.

Mink Lash Boutique - Schédio


Organic Design and Fine Materials

Visitors are greeted with the free-standing reception desk, which is covered in gold and blends with the floor. To the left, clients find the circular waiting area, a large space with blush pink velvet-upholstered seats arranged around a floral sculpture. On the right, the windows showcase the products arranged on a curved white oak retail display, embellished with bronze hardware and a sapphire glass inlay.

The retail walls at the back and on the left side of the waiting area are adorned with curved panels made of perforated metal that extend from floor to ceiling creating a three-dimensional wall sculpture. This structure is enriched by thin organic-shaped brass shelves for product display, finished with a beveled edge to soften the light reflection.

For the floors, Schédio chose an extremely durable micro-cement product, which also covers other furnishing elements, generating organic shapes that blur the boundary between interior design and architecture.


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Location: Vancouver, Canada
Completion: 2024
Area: 111 m2
Interior Design: Schédio

Photography by Tina Kulic / Janis Nicolay, courtesy of Schédio

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