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Mimo by Laufen
By Editorial Staff -
Ken would love it, Barbie too: In mimo, Laufen the Swiss bathroom specialist has staged a wonderful bathroom scenario of refreshing unconventionality and youthful exuberance. mimo toys with curvaceous shapes and shimmering surfaces in pink, white and black. At the same time mimo is perfect for any room layout. Compact washbasins, WCs and bidets, not to mention a small bath tub, make the series the mini of the bathroom fleet. In its technically sophisticated designs, Laufen combines its ceramic and bathroom expertise with, for the first time ever, its own range of faucets: SimilorGroup the faucets specialist, also a member of the Roca Group, designed the faucets for this unique bathroom.
Mindfulness is the theme – both inwardly and outwardly: Laufen selected body and environment-friendly materials for mimo, allowing you to savour every single moment in the bathroom intensively, with a good conscience and free of cares. For the furniture, the Swiss manufacturer opted for an innovative, easy-clean and extremely resilient high gloss surface finish composed of recycled materials. Even the high quality, hygienic textile shower curtain, that can be washed at 60°C and the mirrors, matched both in shape and size to the washbasins, are free of environmental contaminants or substances that irritate the skin. And Laufen’s ceramic experts have also devised some brilliant ways of reducing water consumption in the WCs. With an enhanced water supply and flushing system, standard mimo WCs are hygienically flushed with just 4.5 litres of water – instead of the 6 litres customary in conventional WCs. And of course it goes without saying that the collection’s washbasins, WCs and bidets are made of ceramics – an authentic and ecological material with proven recycling qualities.
Mimo can be personalised by the diverse combination options of colours and exclusive mimo pattern of interlaced rings. As a special touch, the ceramics can also be incorporated in the individual look. The washbasins are also available in two colours and, to crown the whole, feature coloured siphon covers. With the result that the washbasin looks as if it were smiling – and good spirits being infectious, it will get users smiling, too. Perfectly matched are the typical mimo faucets, their chrome gloss, surfboard-style outriggers and conical bodies exuding sparkling wit – like all collection elements, they were specially designed for mimo.
Thanks to the innovative Ecototal control cartridge by the Swiss SimilorGroup, they also save water and energy when taking a bath or shower. Shaped like skateboards, ceramic mimo shelves for bathroom toiletries (of course also in the mimo colours) round off the combination of options to perfection.
The modest 140 by 80 centimetre sanitary acrylic tub is luxuriously deep at 58 centimetres – and thus offers even taller occupants space to immerse themselves fully. At the same time, the spacious tub with the compact dimensions is also perfect for showering: the flat tub floor ensures you do not slip while the high sides and textile shower curtain keep out splashes. Even the gloss chrome runner is perfectly matched to the tub shape and covers all the curtain eyelets. With the addition of a coloured LED light and whirlpool system with air massage, this bath tub can be optionally transformed into a bespoke wellness oasis.

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