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Spatial organization and distribution, efficiency, the ergonomics of furniture and furnishings, and their flexibility and adaptability to different future uses are the cornerstones on which we measure the quality of an office. Dieffebi specializes in designing metal office furnishings and, bearing in mind these keys to quality, it has come up with a very compact yet dynamic container (427x529x460 mm) that was conceived specifically to store smart office equipment. Named Mia Ped, these metal drawers are the brainchild of Takiro Yuta and have special retractable wheels that allow the container to seamlessly become a seat, with a reinforced top and matching cushions in a range of bright, trendy colors. The decision to make Mia Ped available in such definite hues - a zero emission non-toxic paint - was the result of a research paper by the head of neurology at Rome’s San Raffaele Pisana Institute demonstrating the positive effects of vibrant colors on employee moods. The company also emphasizes quality and safety, so by extension environmental sustainability is also fundamental, hence the decision to make these containers with recycled steel. The containers can be separated in different ways to create four combinations of drawers, providing the ideal, customized solution for document and equipment storage. The drawers can also form the base units in larger, more elaborate combinations in which color matching can become a central element.

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