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Metamorfosi Collection

Inspired by Nature

Metamorfosi Collection
By Editorial Staff -
RAK Ceramics has participated in the project

For its first time at the Salone del Mobile.Milano, RAK Ceramics presented Metamorfosi, a collection that marks a turning point in the company’s creative approach and design capacity.

Inspired by colors and shapes found in nature, Metamorfosi transfers these onto large-format brushed resin porcelain stoneware slabs to create striking wall decorations that become part of the interior design of residential or commercial developments.

Metamorfosi, Jungle green, ambientazione courtesy RAK Ceramics

With vibrant shades of blue, ivory and pink as basic colors, the collection uses these for decorative geometric and floral patterns, as well as some based on lush tropical leaves. These are combined with both stylized and extremely realistic elements that can truly characterize an environment, adding to the chosen taste and style of the furniture and architecture.

The shapes on the ceramic surfaces look almost like they have been made by hand, with a putty knife or spatula, in a versatile, contemporary take on a wallpaper effect.

Metamorfosi, Flower pink, ambientazione courtesy RAK Ceramics

Available in 9 colors and 11 decors, Metamorfosi is part of the Signature Collection from RAK Ceramics, a modern, sophisticated product range designed specifically to provide architects and interior designers with cladding solutions for all design requirements. The Signature Collection is the epitome of RAK Ceramics’ manufacturing capacity and quality standards, with a wide and diversified range of sophisticated, luxury products that can meet all esthetic requirements through a combination of shapes, colors, finishes and widths.

Metamorfosi brings liveliness and naturalness to the collection, adding to an already extensive array of colors and decorative styles.


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