Men Keino residential complex
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Men Keino residential complex

A lake view

By Editorial Staff -
Italserramenti has participated in the project

Men Keino is a residential complex on the south-western shores of Lake Garda, in a small town called Desenzano sul Garda that is washed by the lake on one side and rolls away towards the plane on the other. These stunning surrounds are a gorgeous part of the project, bringing a multi-faceted charm that shifts as the hours slide by and the seasons change. A common denominator in the construction of each of these four large, energy efficient (class A4) apartments is the centrality of environmental protection in every design choice, from the materials to the plants and trees that embellish the surrounding gardens. Natural, traditional materials were very much at the forefront of the materials queue, with wood, stone and bricks coated in a special titanium white antibacterial paint. The trees where carefully chosen to optimize CO2 absorption and improve local environmental quality. Unsurprisingly, in such a context, the designers placed a premium on ensuring minimal heat loss. Italserramenti’s Verdi 78 triple-glazed windows were chosen (thermal transmittance of Uw=0,9 W/m2K) along with folding aluminum external shutters. This solution was installed flush with the interior wall, without any cover strips, producing an almost uninterrupted visual effect in which transparency prevails. The lift-and-slide doors and pivot hinge windows are from the Allegri 78 series, made of wood and high performance structural glass (Uw=1,0 W/m2K). These are ideal for large openings because they are stiff and resistant thanks to the structurally glued stepped glass. This model includes an external, motorized blind.



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