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Benefits of Steel for an Innovative Building System

Mechano Steel Frame
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Scaffsystem specializes in steel solutions for logistics and architecture. Knauf is a market leader in dry construction systems for building envelopes. When the two companies decided to team up, the result was Mechano Steel Frame, a technologically advanced, integrated dry construction system for residential and commercial projects. It is a solution that offers much sought-after design freedom as it can be adapted to endless morphological, functional and installation requirements.

The core of Mechano is a lightweight load-bearing steel structure that is durable and earthquake resistant, made of cold formed profiles using a fastening system that can also be disassembled. Knauf provides the envelope and infill walls that ensure excellent thermal and sound performance and high-levels of fireproofing in both new builds and renovations. Mechano is a highly flexible construction system, but this is far from the only benefit it brings. It is particularly simple to install on site and manage subsequently, and then if it needs to be disassembled, it is a rapid process as the whole structure is bolted together. The result is that it cuts costs by reducing installation times, ensuring optimal planning for assembly and also using less materials (about 30% less than commercial structural work and 75% less than traditional concrete constructions).

The combination of the above factors gives architects significant design freedom to pursue a vision that is both environmentally friendly and technologically advanced. Steel is a totally recycled and recyclable material that is playing an important role in reducing the supply chain’s carbon footprint and in meeting demanding energy efficiency levels. Mechano was chosen for a three-floor house in Ribera, in the province of Agrigento, Sicily, specifically because of its seismic performance and the thermal and acoustic comfort it helps ensure, particularly in this case as a covering of mineral wool panels topped by tiles was used for the roof.

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