Meadows End: a house with a story to tell
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Meadows End: a house with a story to tell

Trips to bazaars around the world mixed with country music give life to a home with an eclectic, chic style

Jennaea Denhardt Interiors

Meadows End: a house with a story to tell
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In Georgetown, Texas, interior designer Jennaea Denhardt has designed the interiors of an eclectic country-style home for a couple with a passion for travel and ’70s groove music. Denhardt has created spaces that reflect the lifestyle and interests of the owners by using the memorabilia and souvenirs they’ve collected on their numerous overseas trips, including photos, music albums, sculptures, and fabrics from around the world.

The home is very bright and, for the most part, wrapped in a delicate shade of white enriched by the colors and stories behind the various mementos on show.


Meadows End: a multiuse space

Meadows End - Jennaea Denhardt Interiors © Wing Ho, courtesy of Jennaea Denhardt Interiors

The entrance is designed as a multiuse space, intended to form the setting for a variety of relaxation and entertainment activities, such as reading, destressing, listening to music, or sitting back with a glass of wine. The designer set out to create an atmosphere similar to a hotel lobby’s in this highly flexible space. The room, surrounded by large windows, grabs your attention with its eclectic furnishings, including sofas and armchairs with mismatched materials and styles. Meanwhile, paintings and taxidermy reflect the owners’ Texan soul.

Not far from this space is a dining table, whose design was inspired by a ping pong table but is embellished with wood and metal details. White chairs and a beige carpet complete the scene.

The kitchen is built around a white marble central island with copper stools. The stools match the color of the floor, which, with its copper tones, gives a distinctive, warm touch to the entire home. The walls are finished with small, hexagonal white ceramic tiles. A metal chandelier over the counter creates a perfect contrast with the other furnishings in the kitchen.

Meadows End - Jennaea Denhardt Interiors © Wing Ho, courtesy of Jennaea Denhardt Interiors

Brightness and light tones

The bedroom has a herringbone pattern timber floor. A large window provides pleasant views of the garden. In the middle of the room is an elegant wooden canopy bed, while to one side is an inviting sitting area, where you can relax and take in the views outside.

The colors used in the bathroom are striking, with bright whites, sinks with golden finishes, and a white marble counter top. A freestanding tub sits under the window.

Meadows End is a living story of experiences – the story of a life told through objects, colors, and atmospheres. It’s a home where light embraces the history of its residents and where, like ’70s groove music, every detail helps define a unique character.


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Location: Georgetown, Texas, USA
Completion: 2023
Client: Private
Interior Design: Jennaea Denhardt Interiors

Photography by Wing Hu, courtesy of Jennaea Denhardt Interiors

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