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ME by Starck - An essential approach to technology

ME by Starck
By Editorial Staff -

Over the years, the collaboration between Duravit and Philippe Starck has brought to life numerous bathroom collections characterised by minimalist lines, technology and practicality. 

In ME by Starck, this French designer takes divergent styles and moulds them into a collection ideally suited to personalising a bathroom. 

ME by Starck includes basins, toilets, bidets, baths and urinals linked by a remarkably thin edge that adds lightness and highlights the purity of shape. 

There are six washbasins (450 mm to 650 mm) that suit homes or major projects, especially because of the depth of the basins. They can be combined with one of the semi or full pedestals, or a bathroom unit anywhere between 830 mm and 1,030 mm wide, ensuring a spacious top. 

The focus on design goes hand-in-hand with the technological developments that have made it possible to reduce the weight of the collection’s toilet and bidets. The absence of niches to fix these elements in place further accentuates the overall uniformity. 

The toilets can be combined with the SensoWash Slim seat (with integrated bidet) to achieve additional comfort, while the use of Rimless technology not only emphasises the aesthetic lightness, but also makes cleaning quicker and more hygienic. 

For the urinals, for the first time, Duravit has opted for Rimless technology, producing a design suited to the home or the contract sector. 

ME by Starck also includes baths, shower plates and accessories, making it the ideal complement for the new L-Cube furniture range by Christian Werner that shares the same minimalist approach, with a clean design built around people and their individuality. 


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