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Architectural and Manufacturing Tradition in a Blend of Conservation and Renewal

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By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

At times called “the industrial cathedral of Málaga” or “the ship”, this complex was originally designed between 1958 and 1963 by Manuel María Valdés and Ramón Vázquez Molezún for the state-owned Industrias Textiles del Guadalhorce, but it has now been restored and converted in a project that emphasized the importance of maintaining the original identity. An impressive 200-m long, the industrial building has monumental Y-shaped pillars and a semicircular roof. It is also the last remnant of Málaga’s 20th-century manufacturing tradition and, partly because of this, it is listed in the Docomomo register for the preservation of urban buildings from the Modernist movement.

Acquired by Mayoral in 2013, the site was left abandoned in 2004 by the previous owner when it ceased operations, but the complex has now been restored and regenerated focusing on protecting the structural elements and minimizing any changes to the original layout.

Mapei’s involvement in the restoration project was to identify suitable products for each type of work to be done on the concrete structure. The heaviest duty work was required on the façades and main pillars, elements that were particularly run-down. Restoring the vertical surfaces was done using Mapegrout Easy Flow mortar combined with Mapecure Sra to slow down the evaporation rate of the water in the mortar and reduce water shrinkage.

Given the need to level off the contact surface between the beams and the Y-shaped supports of the pillars, Mapegrout Sv was chosen as this hi-flow, shrinkage-compensated mortar provides high mechanical strength and elasticity, as well as setting and hardening quickly.

Mapei’s multifaceted involvement in the project also extended to the floor: an entirely new one was made with concrete using the Mapecrete System, which, combined with additional components and admixtures, led to a high-quality, shrinkage-compensated result with a reduced number of joints.



Protecting reinforcing rods: Mapefer 1K
Restoring concrete: Mapegrout Easy Flow, Mapegrout SV T
Surface smoothing: Planitop Rasa & Ripara
Protective surface finish: Elastocolor Pittura
Continuous concrete floor: Expancrete, Dynamon Floor 3*, Mapecure SRA, Mapefluid AC40

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