Maxparete HSP: Architectural Sliding Partition System
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Maxparete HSP: Architectural Sliding Partition System

Maxparete HSP: Architectural Sliding Partition System
By Editorial Staff -
Oddicini has participated in the project

Inside the reclaimed ex-Locatelli site at Reggio Emilia the Conference Hall of the International Centre for Infancy has a seating capacity of 414. From the outset it was planned to be able to divide the space into two theatres by a sliding partition system.
For this the architects chose the product Maxparete HSP by Oddicini Industrie. To fit the tiered hall layout it was necessary to devise a set of panels that would tuck away out of sight in the stage area and slide on ceiling-slung runners without the ugly stumbling-block of counterparts set into the floor. The hanging panels comprising the mobile partition were made to measure at different heights as the floor incline demanded. Once in place they form a perfectly straight acoustically insulating wall. Maxparete HSP proved the winning solution in a project that called for flexibility, versatility and adaptability to a complex setting.
Ease of movement is ensured by trolley mechanisms on highly resistant bearings sliding along the ceiling runner bars. The thick aluminium structure combines robustness with lightness of movement. Another strong point about Maxparete HSP is its high degree of soundproofing. Depending on what system is chosen, laboratory certification guarantees a noise-insulating power ranging from 40 to over 56 db.


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