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Maximum by GranitiFiandre
By Editorial Staff -
As a result of production system and advanced technology, Maximum is the answer to the world of architecture’s demand, an area in which the designer expression needs a wide range of environmentally friendly options. Maximum, in the innovative size 300x150 cm, is a material that combines the classic and well-established features that has always characterized Fiandre porcelain slabs as the top of the range, with new high-performance qualities: strength, lightness, flexibility, adaptability. In addition to the exceptional size, Maximum slabs, offer the novelty of the minimum thickness and the brightness of the smooth finishing. The available technology has made possible the creation of two slabs both with stunning size, two minimum thicknesses and surfaces without any harshness. Starting from 6 mm of thickness to only 3 mm. This is one of the properties that make Maximum an "essential" material, despite the important size. The installation does not require the dismantling of pre-existing surfaces, and the large size means that the number of joints is reduced to the lower possible. The grinding of the slabs creates surfaces truly unique, with vivid colours on which light is reflected, adding to the aesthetic value a practical use for energy purposes.

Colours: Maximum Michelangelo Statuario, Maximum Taxos, Maximum Marfil
Sizes: 300x150 cm, 300x100 cm
On demand: 300x50 cm, 150x150 cm, 150x75 cm, 100x100 cm, 75x75 cm, 75x37,5 cm
Thickness: 3 mm, 6 mm
Finishing: semi-polished
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