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Max Exterior - Colour and character for buildings

Max Exterior - Colour and character for buildings
By Editorial Staff -

The new Max Exterior collection of external claddings and coatings from Fundermax offers designers and clients an array of solutions that can bring character and expression to buildings without having to compromise on performance. 

The collection has 115 patterns, including 50 completely new ones, divided between the Nature, Material, Colour, Authentic and Metallic lines. The patterns range from designs inspired by nature to juxtapositions of vintage and contemporary elements, and from textures that recall the colour effects of the elements to combinations of uniform colours and shiny metals. The especially bright and flashy neon options in the Colour line are a world first. 

The Max Exterior collection comes in three different surface finishes: rugged NT, shiny NG and non-slip Hexa. Fundermax not only provides materials, but also innovative mounting systems and expert consultancy services to help designers and builders choose the ideal products for a specific project. 

Max Exterior is made with natural materials from suppliers certified to FSC and PEFC standards. Heat is recovered from the drying process for the panels, saving around 10,000 tons of CO2 per year at the production site. For this efficient air treatment system, the company received the “climate:active” award from the Austrian Energy Agency and the Austrian Federal Environment Ministry.


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