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Vital Surface Hygiene

Max Compact Interior
By Editorial Staff -

In today’s world, such is the importance of materials having anti-bacterial properties, with surfaces that are not only easy to clean but also to disinfect, that such parameters are fast becoming critical in the choice of materials in the design phase.

Fundermax’s HPL Max Compact Interior panels, with  ISO 22196-07 testing and certification, is right up this alley with a compact, non-porous structure coated in melamine resin that actively hinders germ and bacteria proliferation, thus cutting their survival time to less than 24 hours.

It is precisely these characteristics, in combination with an extensive array of formats, colors and decors, that make Max Compact Interior panels such an appealing choice in both public and private developments where hygiene and heavy footfall are key considerations.

The capacity to decorate and panel with a guarantee of safety means the focus can shift to customization, achieving exactly what the brief called for, regardless of whether the project is for a hospital, lab, communal kitchen, swimming pool, school or even a food manufacturing plant.
In the home environment, Max Compact Interior panels provide an alluring option for bathrooms or kitchen counters, especially because the antibacterial properties effectively provide an unseen health boost to all users.

Unfortunately, maintaining the demanding hygiene standards that such panels are capable of cannot yet be achieved without regular cleaning.
The good news is that, precisely to manage such cleansing and scrubbing, Max Compact Interior panel surfaces are highly scratch- and heat-resistant, and relatively impermeable to the aggressive cleaning agents - alcohols, aldehydes and ammonium compounds - often used in such spaces.

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