Mauk by Lea Ceramiche
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Mauk by Lea Ceramiche

Mauk by Lea Ceramiche
By Redazione The Plan -
The original slab, proposed in the large 118.11’’x 39.37’’ format and only 0.12’’ thick, is broken into pieces and has a 3D appearance thanks to the visual effect of the repetition of the modules laid. The modules can be differently shaped: the rhombus Cuadra, the triangle Esa and the trapezium Spina.Moving from the peculiarities of the collection, whose texture evokes basaltina stone – an extraordinarily flexible, light and resistant material -, Diego Grandi has created a modular system that conveys a 3D effect both through its composition and laying. Starting from the bidimensionality of geometric figures, Mauk moves on to convey a 3D effect through two possible solutions: either by matching different shapes and colours or, alternatively, by creating one single colour though with contrasting joints that convey a 3D effect in wide frame. Flexible decorations that guarantee utmost planning freedom.

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