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Materica by Cotto d'Este

Materica by Cotto d'Este
By Editorial Staff -
A new porcelain stoneware collection that takes its inspiration from hand-smoothed concrete, a series in which simplicity becomes an aesthetic code. Despite the light and shade effect created by a soft smoothed-effect texture, Materica is basically monochrome. A clear-cut and rigorous interpretation of space, which maintains its very personal and unique signature.
The series is made of extra thick porcelain stoneware ( 14 mm) , making use of all the advantages that result from the properties in terms of resistance of porcelain stoneware by Cotto d' Este. Not only that, Materica is now also available in Kerlite ultra thin porcelain stoneware, in the newly 5 PLUS (5.5mm ) , a new version of Kerlite that expands the technical and aesthetic potential typical of this material.
Beautiful , durable and original, the floortiles of Materica collection also make use of antibacterial properties thanks to the innovative built-in technology based on silver by Microban ® that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and works 24 hours on 24, ensuring in fact continued protection day and night unalterable by wear, climate conditions and repeated cleanings in any viewing environment.
Vailable sizes :
extra thick porcelain stoneware 14 mm : 89.5 X 89.5 cm - 29.7 cm X 89.5
ultra thin porcelain stoneware Kerlite Plus 5 : 100x100 cm - 100x300 cm
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