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Marvel Edge
By Redazione The Plan -
Atlas Concorde has participated in the project

Atlas Concorde presents Marvel Edge, the new collection of porcelain floor tiles and coordinated wall tiles inspired by a selection of prestigious marbles. The timeless allure of the marble effect, which has always adorned residential, commercial, and contemporary hospitality interiors, is now enriched with Marvel Edge and its original colors and warm tones, suitable for designing welcoming spaces. The collection stimulates the creativity of architects and interior designers with its versatile and complete range: floor and wall tiles that reproduce the shades, veins, and inclusions of eight of the most precious natural marbles with surprising graphic realism and attention to detail. The tiles’ graphic perfection is further enhanced by a polished mirror finish. The depth of the marble effect is also available in large XL formats that increase the value of the material allowing unprecedented compositional possibilities. To meet every application need, Atlas Concorde offers 120x120 and 120x240 formats with a 9 mm thickness and the 120x278 format that is 6 mm thick. To complete the project, a decorative range of wall tiles that can act as a counterpoint to the natural character of the surfaces for a striking home decoration. Marvel Edge tells stories of authenticity and beauty, as unique as the main characters that populate them. In the dialog between five classic nuances and three color accents, new compositional horizons are revealed: the expressive power of the bright colors creates decorative situations that enchant the observer and act as a counterpoint to the natural quality of the base. Marvel Edge offers a total look with a unique and prestigious character that is conveyed to every surface: from the walls to the floors, from the architectural volumes to the furnishing elements. The beauty of the marble effect is enhanced in harmonic compositions with spectacular visual continuity. Refined esthetics, a strongly decorative nature, versatility and superior technical performance make these surfaces perfect even for customized projects in spas, wellness centers and bathrooms. Interior decorators now have a new expressive tool for conveying a contemporary concept of luxury to be fully experienced in every application.

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