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Marmoker by Casalgrande Padana
By Editorial Staff -

Every product is a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics, the result of the investigation of the complex world of natural materials and its reinterpretation thanks to ceramic’s technical performance. This is exactly what happens with the Marmoker collection, which now includes new colours and formats. This series is made using state of the art digital technology applied to porcelain stoneware and comes with the tones, grains, transparencies, textures, shine, and colours of the marble it recreates. The result is a surface that is perfect for residential use and beyond, as it associates the expressive quality of the materials of reference with superior performance. In addition to the existing stone effects, Marmoker now includes also Bianco Vietnam, Fiorito, Breccia Carsica, Breccia Sarda, Silvia Oro, Grafite Marrone, Statuario Venato, Travertino Titanium, Arabesque, Veselye, Jolie and Grigio Billiemi.

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