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Marmi Maximum by GranitiFiandre

Marmi Maximum by GranitiFiandre
By Editorial Staff -
Statuario Select Maximum and Imperial Black Maximum, two concepts at opposite ends of the colour spectrum that highlight the striking format. Measuring 300x150 cm and with a thickness of just 3 or 6 mm, Statuario Select Maximum is a sophisticated option that majestically combines a strong white background with elegant grey veins, while the pitch black Imperial Black Maximum is enhanced by crystalline veins.
But Maximum also has a sort of aura, full of material and colour combinations. And in this way Maximum evolves with two original products that experiment with playing with new black and white contrasts: a delicate positive/negative vortex that gives life to the Vertigo Maximum and Midnight Maximum slabs, with the alternation of dark and light swirls in a delicate whirl, bringing ever different movement to the slabs.
Nexus Maximum makes a clean break from classical rules, with a creative surface that adds even more value to the large 300x150 cm format. There is an enhancing play of iridescent light and delicate metallic glossiness to the tiles - a fine grain breaks the surface, creating a sheer effect that conveys the impression of a high-tech material.
The five stones that extend the classical NewStone collection offer the added value of a thickness that makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use and the opportunity of dry laying, using the Company’s patented system. With 2 cm of full-body material, Quarzite Brazil, Pietra Latina, Pietra Friulana, Pietra Carnica and Pietra Sonora offer a varied array of natural colour solutions, with great technical characteristics in terms of slipperiness and resistance to freezing and fluctuations in temperature.
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