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Marble Tailors since 1960

Marble Tailors since 1960
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Pistore Marmi has participated in the project

In 1960, stonemason Ferdinando Pistore founded Pistore Marmi to turn marble blocks into unique design pieces using technology and attention to detail, drawing on the rich stone history of the Veneto region, with its innumerable cities and towns filled with wondrous art and historic buildings.
The first plant was opened over half a century ago in Cologna Veneta, in the Verona province, and since then the company has grown to work directly and with architects and designers across Italy, Europe and the world. Calacatta, Port Laurent and Onyx slabs have been chosen for tables, bar tops and cladding in hotels, homes and other buildings in places like Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

 Foto courtesy Pistore Marmi

Pistore Marmi understands the importance of the entire process, from concept to installation, in perfectly producing the desired essence for a space and so it is involved in every phase of a project, from selecting the best marble for the intended design and drafting the working plans, to processing the stone at the plant and then laying it and polishing it on site. For every product - floors, claddings or even bespoke architectural elements - the first step is always to select the ideal material and color for the specific requirements of the project and the surrounding environment, and then to find that in the quarry.

However, this is no guarantee of success as it is equally important for precise measurements to be taken at the building site and all the details to be turned into clear working drawings that indicate the required types, amounts, materials and finishings. After this, the work done in Pistore Marmi’s workshops becomes essential, especially the dry pre-laying that provides a preview of the finished project and an opportunity for testing. In the initial stages, working closely with the architects and designers is fundamental, and then as the project progresses it becomes essential to work in harmony with the people laying and polishing the stone, even when this is done vertically on the walls. This is the process that turns an idea into a tangible creation.

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