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marble in relief

marble in relief by Lithos Design
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The name Rilievo, which is the Italian word for relief, reveals the collection's inspiration from the art of sculpture. Rilievo is the second collection of modular marble claddings by Lithos Design Domino, the company's new brand that targets a medium-high end market by revolutionising the customary production methods to offer a smart and unprecedented product.
Once again the result is a forward-looking collection, new models of an almost hypnotic beauty ensuing from the scrupulous and unwavering personal experimentation led by the company: the reliefs, designed through the meticulous process of chiselling away stone, emerge and dissolve on the surface, with geometrical patterns or softer shapes.
The aesthetic effect of the cladding is strong and at the same time refined and soft, thanks to the balance between materials and décors. Technically complex textures afford a light-weight and dynamic rendering. For this reason, they are highly versatile and suitable for generous spaces as well as smaller settings, with one distinguishing trait: the effect changes as time passes and depending on the lighting.
Six models have been coined by designer Raffaello Galiotto and produced using an industrial process that retains the sensitive touch of the craftsman from an artistic and processing perspective. They all highlight even tones and strong, irresistible textured appeal.
Here is a brief description of the patterns.

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