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Marazzi has participated in the project

Marazzi Group took part in the latest edition of Milan’s MADE expo, introducing the policy and rationale of their Marazzi Engineering division - in a stand designed by Uainot Architects.
Marazzi Engineering sets out to give architects and builders comprehensive assistance with surface-cladding systems for interiors and out of doors, especially ventilated curtain-walls, raised floors and cladding in stone materials. Marazzi Engineering provides the architect with the services of a technical office for planning and consultation. The strength of this operation is that it harnesses twenty years’ experience in project design and application with direct production of most of the components needed to build curtain-walls or raised floors, all meeting rigorous quality standards.
When it comes to curtain-walls, the technicians of Marazzi Engineering work alongside the architect right from the early creative stage of the project, analyzing the aesthetic and technical requirements and drawing up a feasibility study and cost analysis. The professional has the Marazzi back-up in devising the best way of meeting the design brief, from the choice of materials to details of the supporting structure and any particular cladding processes involved. Special care is devoted to on-site operations where Marazzi Engineering guarantees constant attendance by its team throughout the assembly phases.
If the job is a raised floors, Marazzi Engineering again pledges full-time assistance from the first technical consultation, through the general and executive planning phases, where constructional details are thrashed out, down to on-site supervision of work in progress.
Another Marazzi Engineering team specializes in marble and natural stone cladding. Liaising with the end-user right from the outset, they look after the ordering, preparing and cutting of materials, down to dummy-run application of materials in the factory in those cases where the plans call for unusual workmanship.
The last branch of the Marazzi Engineering technical office is a commercial/technical team who field architects’ and customers’ queries, hunt up materials and work out offers, as well as liaising with company buyers and drawing up specifications and calls for tender. With its capillary network of nation-wide contacts, this logistic office can cope with the most wide-ranging requests in record time. All of this ensconces Marazzi Engineering firmly in the business of turning in solutions, on the strength of exceptional experience in the field of architecture and constructional engineering.


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