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Magnum Oversize by Florim

Magnum Oversize by Florim
By Editorial Staff -
Florim has participated in the project

Magnum Oversize project designed by Florim: ceramic slabs with amazing sizes - from 80x80 cm to 160x320 cm - just 6 mm thick which change continuous surface concept opening new architecture perspectives.

Magnum Oversize slabs - presented according to the different corporate brands identities that embrace the project

- Floor Gres: selection of stone and metal, neutral shades and sharp patterns;

- Rex: selection of marble, stone and precious woods;

- Home and Casamood: classical and contemporary surfaces, stones and woods.

New sizes: 160x320, 80x240, 26,5x240,120x240,160x160,120x120, 60x120, 80x160, 80x80.

Possibility of cutting any shape and size, easy transport and handling, laying on both floors and walls, high aesthetic yield, considerable stress resistance, also the versatile use of this product, suitable for covering commercial and residential spaces: Magnum Oversize is used to realize tables, kitchen counters, doors but also fireplaces and other furniture types.

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