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Samsung Electronics has participated in the project

Contemporary luxury consumers are looking for far more than simply a top quality, but static product. They also - especially - want unique, ideally tailor-made experiences, occasions that draw them in and enthral them. In return, companies are focusing on product lines that incorporate customization and offer the desired luxury experience. In the entertainment world, the creation of best quality products is driven by design and technological innovation, seeking to produce items that, while being used at home, provide an ever more engaging entertainment experience. The Samsung LED for Home display range responds specifically to such demands, exploiting the company’s ceaseless research to provide top quality images regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. The modular nature of these products adds the option to customize the size, combining as many units as required, while the absence of a frame in the design ensures the displays fit harmoniously into almost any interior design style. The Wall is the latest generation in LED display, with a total black surface and cutting-edge technology that produces intense blacks and an optimal contrast. The microLEDs provide a near perfect picture, with an increased color range and improved color sharpness, and the HDR10+ image processing technology adapts the brightness and contrast frame by frame. The Wall is not only a high performance solution, but also an energy efficient one, with anti-theft features and water and dust protection. Samsung’s experience range also includes the Luxury LED for Home line, which was born from a joint venture between the company and Vismara Design. This line was specifically conceived for the luxury living market, turning a home environment into a proper cinema, with the very highest quality and technological excellence for the video, audio and design. Samsung’s LED displays for domestic use range from The Wall, available in 146-in 4J UHD to the IF series, available in 109 and 130-in FHD and 219 and 260-in UHD formats, which use both HDR technology and Dynamic Peaking technology to elevate peak brightness to levels about double those reached with standard LED technology. The use of Dolby Atmos sound - with ceiling speakers and independent speaker activation to make the sound move dynamically - provides a unique, full-immersion sensory experience for watching a film with incredible visual quality.

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