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Lustre by 2Tec2

Lustre by 2Tec2
By Editorial Staff -
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Lustre is the newest collection by the Belgian brand 2tec2 with the unique characteristic that the appearance of its surface changes drastically depending on the angle of light and vision. An innovation with many exciting and creative possibilities!

LUSTRE, the name of the collection itself, stems from the mineralogical term describing the way light bounces off minerals, crystals & rocks, in the same way the light bounces off this collection and creates its ever-changing appearance. The assymetrical pattern found in the material of the flooring proposition is composed of different shapes. These shapes refererence the occurrence of mathematical patterns in natural crystaline structures.

Each of the 4 available patterns comes in both tiles and rolls and possesses all the known assets of 2tec2, such as a class 33 label for intensive use, Bfl-s1 fire resistance, moisture and stain resistance and ease of maintenance.

An innovative production technique also makes it possible to create custom-coloured variations on demand and in small production batches.


Pratical Information:

- Composition: woven vinyl (80% vinyl, 20% glass fibre)

- Colours: Obsidian Black, Morion Brown, Magnetite Grey, Chromite Grey

- Dimensions: Rolls – roll width: 200 cm  /  Tiles: 50 x 50 cm

- Meets all the European standards for commercial use

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