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Luce Collection

The New, Ineffable Dimension of Ceramics

Luce Collection
By Editorial Staff -
Iris Ceramica Group has participated in the project

Material: ceramics. Sculptor: Luce. Technique: nobility and flair interacting.
Iris Ceramica Group’s new collection is called Luce, meaning light, and it was created by designer Guillermo Mariotto and previewed exclusively at Cersaie 2021.
It is a truly ambitious project, effectively an ode to the art of decoration that has produced a series of wall cladding solutions that are never the same, with a thousand nuances in a blend of classic and modern elegance. At the heart of everything is the interaction between material and light as it forges 3D effects, reflections, chiaroscuro interplays and curved lines that exalt the versatile, eclectic essence of ceramics.
Like the folds in clothes, light can create patterns or unveil the sort of movement that mimics dunes in a desert sculpted by a blowing wind. It can bring life to its surroundings, especially in cases like this where light is the matrix the adds richness to ceramic with its iridescent nature. In this new collection, the company’s technological know-how and its designer’s creativity merge in a fruitful cross-contamination that produces a concept well beyond the normal notion of cladding. The ceramic material is given that touch of the lightness and luminosity normally associated with freshly pressed and folded clothes and, in the same vein, has that softness that is so characteristic of high-class tailoring. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, this new collection can be used for walls or floors in houses, shops, residential settings or even urban regeneration projects seeking an architectural touch. It comes in two sizes, 300x100 and 100x100 cm (6 mm thick), both providing a wonderful base for exalting the play on nuances and the decorative patterns. Six colors are available in the catalog: Gold, Silver, Grey, Black, Blue and Pearl. The latter is the symbol shade of this collection, immediately associated with Active Surfaces®, a patented eco-active ceramic tile in white to exude purity.

It is a high performance material tested to ISO standards. Such surfaces use the photocatalytic potential of titanium dioxide combined with silver, which transforms a simple slab into an antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-pollution, anti-odor and self-cleaning ceramic tile (dirt struggles to settle on the surface, making it easier to remove). Such properties are effective in any type of lighting, or even in the dark, as well as being constant and inexhaustible over time.

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