“Luce” and “Ciao Unica” at the Milan Triennale
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“Luce” and “Ciao Unica” at the Milan Triennale

Charm in Window Design

“Luce” and “Ciao Unica” at the Milan Triennale
By Editorial Staff -
Ponzio has participated in the project

Founded in 1941 as a company specializing in the surface treatment of aluminum, Ponzio is now an established international player in the design and production of systems for casement and sliding windows, façades, window and door accessories, and aluminum doors. 

Quality, innovation and specialization are the hallmarks of a wide range of products designed to meet the most demanding design, esthetic and performance requirements, in a continuous process of research and development. 

Unveiled at the Triennale in Milan last November, Luce and Ciao Unica are the latest catalogs in which Ponzio pays homage to the relationship between light, art and architecture, but also to Italy, its architecture and landscapes. 

PONZIO courtesy Ponzio

In Luce, the company has embarked on a journey through images that draw on the great artists of the past, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, René Magritte and Edward Hopper, as well as on the utopian representations of Aldo Rossi with his “Analogous City”. It is a journey in which the scenes of everyday life are enlivened by the power of light, and in which the context – internal or external – always leaves one with the presumption of an “elsewhere”, precisely because of the presence of windows. 

By contrast, with Ciao Unica, Ponzio presents the new Unica line of doors and windows, juxtaposing information and technical data with photographic images that show the relationship between the home and the outside landscape through the filter of the window, an element of passage, connection and a fundamental part of the architecture and esthetics of a building.

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