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LS Zero Ineffably Sleek Minimalism


Edited By Editorial Staff - 1 June 2016

Taking its cue from the LS 990, Jung’s new switch frame range, the LS Zero, is the last word in elegant minimalism. Flush-mounted, the new range guarantees seamless continuity between the electrical device and the surface in which it sits.

The LS Zero can be installed unobtrusively into brickwork, drywalls and furniture as required to enhance the comfort and electrical source points of any environment while complementing any design aesthetic. As well as ensuring a level plane with the surrounding surface, the switch frames also have a plastering adapter providing the same finish as the brickwork or drywall into which they are set.

Alongside the flush-mounted range is a 3 mm-high frame designed for walls with wallpaper or other types of coverings. The frame neatly overlaps the edge of the wall covering by just 1.5 mm.

As well as alpine white and light grey, the LS Zero is also available in the full 26 shades of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier palette. The new range includes conventional sockets and switches, rotary and touch dimmers, the KNK push-button sensors F40 and F50 and the new Jung indoor video and audio stations. 



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