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LS 1912 switches

Artisan tradition working for design

LS 1912 switches
By Editorial Staff -
Albrecht Jung Gmbh & Co has participated in the project

Once in a while, it is that small detail that really makes the difference in a room, adding a touch of style that truly completes an environment. In some cases, a button or a switch can play just such a critical aesthetic role, despite being a small, ultimately functional element. Over the years, even back in the previous century, such pieces were constantly reinterpreted. For example, through the 20th Century, rotary switches gave way to rocker and toggle switches, which are now very common. Such change was not only driven by functional and practical considerations, but also appearance. Toggle switches have moved forward significantly, but never lost their essential, elegant essence. Since 1912, Jung has carefully leveraged a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in its search for an aesthetic synthesis of every element. This has meant an evolution towards linear, pure shapes without ever losing the enormous expressive potential of such aspects, epitomized by the company’s extensive range of shapes and materials. The LS 1912 model recalls the year in which the firm was incorporated, and it also marks the next step forward in this journey, merging stylistic choices and innovative technology. In this series, Jung has made the toggle the only tactile element that projects from the frame, which is flush with the plate. This switch gives concrete form to a classic stylistic component, but reinterprets it in an elegant, modern style. The projecting toggle comes in cylindrical, conical and cubic variants, maintaining unity through use of materials. Each component is a combination of aluminum, stainless steel, brass and chrome, all wonderful materials the company has learned how to use optimally over many years of metalworking.

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