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By Redazione The Plan -
Aec Illuminazione has participated in the project

The exterior lighting system Logika is designed as an urban furniture component. Versatile and adaptable, Logika comprises luminaire, brackets and lamp posts that will grace a variety of environments such as squares, parks, streets, pedestrian and commercial areas. Available in two different sizes - Logika 1 and Logika 2 - the appliance can be equipped with several types of optic depending on whether the lighting requirement is for large areas, urban settings, roads, cycle paths or pedestrian crossings.
Logika 1 and Logika 2 may be installed as a post-and-luminaire or wall-mounted system. The brackets, only for Version 2, are designed to accommodate from 1 to 4 lighting elements. The brackets are clamped to posts coming in heights ranging from 5 to 10 metres, and in a variety of shapes: cylindrical, tapering, rectangular or curved conical.
The assembly system ensures that the lamppost remains parallel to the ground whatever the appliance mounted. Not only UNI 10819 compliant, the 4 mm flat toughened glass shield meets even stricter regional light-pollution requirements.
The die-cast aluminium alloy frame comes in “graphite-grey”, or on request, a satin-finish sand colour or metallic silver. The outer gasket is in EPDM to guarantee IP66 total-protection degree.

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