Loft Living Jennifer Apartment: functional decoration
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Loft Living Jennifer Apartment: functional decoration

An apartment that combines aesthetics, art, and functionality

George Ranalli Architect

Loft Living Jennifer Apartment: functional decoration
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In an 1880 brick building in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan, which was first a furniture factory and later converted to residential use, two apartments have been transformed into a small, functional, bright, and elegant loft. Its name is Loft Living Jennifer Apartment, and the architect is George Ranalli.


A decorative motif becomes functional

Loft Living Jennifer Apartment, George Ranalli ©Judith Rae, courtesy of George Ranalli Architect

The client, a talented young executive producer with a passion for art, wanted his kitchen to be the real entertaining hub of the home, above and beyond its practical purpose. During the preliminary stages of the project, all the custom-made furniture was then designed incorporating a decorative, but functional, motif that would then define the kitchen and its space in contrast with the old factory building.

Preserving the historical features of the building, including the original oak floors and huge wooden windows, this decorative element was carefully placed following the shape of the walls and ceiling, thus also delineating the different rooms. The result is a double-height space that’s very bright for dining and relaxing, and a mezzanine with, on the lower level, the entrance, kitchen, the pantry, the main bathroom, another bathroom, and the walk-in closet, as well as a slightly curving staircase to the upper floor with its cozy bedroom. To underscore the aesthetic and functional value of the kitchen, its finishes are Russian birch, Calacatta marble, and slate, with all materials connected at the most delicate points by burnished brass and stainless steel. The walls, countertops, and benches conceal cupboards and storage spaces, all providing smart, contemporary solutions for this small urban home.


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Connections with Chelsea

Loft Living Jennifer Apartment, George Ranalli ©Judith Rae, courtesy of George Ranalli Architect

The client also wanted to establish a connection between his apartment and the district in which it’s located, Chelsea. He particularly wanted references to the famous Chelsea Hotel, built in 1884 to break down social barriers and contribute to the arts, as well as to the numerous local art galleries, museums, and, of course, the former High Line railway, now a mile-long elevated park with numerous artworks. The architects therefore focused on also using the ornamental motif to accommodate and complement the numerous and varied works of art that the client has collected during visits to local exhibitions and art galleries, including a multimedia film still by Bill Hayward, flanked by two resin chairs designed by Gaetano Pesce.

This interior design project, therefore, goes way beyond simple utility, highlighting architect George Ranalli’s focus on people, history, artistry, and context.


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Location: Chelsea, Manhattan, New York, USA
Architect: George Ranalli
Photography by Judith Rae, courtesy of George Ranalli

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