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Listotech®Quartz by LISTOTECH

Listotech®Quartz by LISTOTECH
By Editorial Staff -

Listotech®Quartz is a flooring system and staving for outdoor with an Innovative material - Adaxite - composed by quartz for 50%, 20% silica, 10% marble and 10% hydraulic binder a successful cocktail in hi-tech content with intrinsic technical-structural and performance characteristics, and design connotations, thanks to the wide range of aesthetic-expressive variants in which is proposed.
As the result of a culture of environmental attention that now is part of a widespread and transverse collective consciousness, the concept of sustainable building is one of the identifying characteristics of modern architectural design, increasingly oriented to the use of ecofriendly materials to create buildings or spaces characterized by the energy savings from the comfort of those who live in, closing to the relationship in the space / built with the environment / nature that surrounds it, thinking all in a "organic concept".
A "project code", which is even more evident when Architect/ Designer have to project the outdoor spaces, which are characterized by a structural and physiological fusion between nature and built. This trend, with Listotech®Quartz support, relies on the collaboration of two young Finnish architects - Mies Niemi and Aslak Saarinen – connected with the eco - culture from the "Scandinavian school" of Organic Design, focus on the concept of Nature.
There is an additional elective affinity, therefore, with the Listotech material: it’s all natural, 100% recyclable and ecofriendly product, thanks to the latest generation systems of filtering and reusing water in the production cycle, with minimum CO2 emission, not using high-temperature furnaces.

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