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Lino Art Linea collection BY ARMSTRONG

Lino Art Linea collection BY ARMSTRONG
By Editorial Staff -
After all, DLW Linoleum is made up of 98 percent organic and mineral materials, so it’s not only especially environmentally friendly, but also helps conserve resources. Its warm-to-the-touch feel and long lifespan promote the spirit of sustainability, ensuring that everyone feels at home for years in a room with DLW Linoleum.
With its low-contrast, longitudinal structure in nuanced colours reminiscent of wood and concrete, Lino Art Linea is especially well-suited for use in health care settings, for example in nursing or retirement homes or public housing, but also for renovation projects. Its subtle, washed-out look with a minimum of movement creates a subtly refined harmonic atmosphere especially admired by architects and planners. The flooring’s natural elasticity is not just comfortable, but is easy on joints and tendons, thus promoting healthy living. On top of all that, linoleum is exceptionally durable, hard-wearing and easy to care for.
The new collection’s colour range stretches from light to dark and includes nine browns, four greys and two blacks. Its carefully coordinated colour schemes reinterpret wood and concrete in completely new ways and can be combined with exactly these materials to great effect. In addition to intensive warm nuances such as “teak brown”, Lino Art Linea also offers softer designs such as “sand beige”. The grey range is clear and cool, stretching from “silver grey” to a strong “mid grey.” An intense “black” rounds out the colour palette.
Armstrong offers the new DLW Linoleum Lino Art Linea collection in 2.00 m wide, 2.5 mm thick sheets. Because of its natural anti-bacterial properties, linoleum intrinsically resists the growth of bacteria. By using available multi-coloured weld rods, the sheets can be welded together to form a single, continuous hygienic surface that is easy to clean, as there are no seams where dirt can hide. Furthermore, DLW Linoleum is treated with a high quality LPX finish which simplifies the cleaning and care of the floor throughout its entire lifetime.
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