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Linfa by Laminam

Linfa by Laminam
By Editorial Staff -
Linfa expresses a willingness to explore materials, maintaining a high level research and investigating unusual finishings and effects. The extremely modern new surfaces and finishings give shades such as ash, cotton, hemp and warm colors such as bark and coconut.
A slab can be freely handled thanks to a dedicated new format of 143mm x 1500mm, which goes alongside the traditional 1m x 3m, which can be used in commercial and residential buildings alike, for applications such as flooring, and by furniture and internal designers, without having to alter technical characteristics.
To satisfy very versatile and different needs, personalised sizes can be developed, up to 3m long, by cutting the material at the required length, whilst remaining extremely thin, the distinctive Laminam 3mm.

Laminam slab performance levels
Resistance to scratches and to deep abrasion, to deep cleaning; resistance to frost - average water absorption of 0.1% – and adaptability to all weather conditions; resistance to fire and to high temperatures since it contains no organic materials. In the event of a fire, it releases no smoke or toxic substances; compatible with foodstuffs because it does not release elements in solution; does not allow the formation of mildew, bacteria and moulds.
Linfa is a completely natural product. It does not yield any elements to the environment, it can easily be ground and entirely recycled in other manufacturing processes.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions 143x1500 mm 1000x3000 mm
Thickness 3.5 mm
Colours Canapa, Cenere,Cocco, Corteccia, Cotone
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