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Linea Series

Minimalist Design and Automation in a Blend of Energy, Light and Warmth

Linea Series
By Editorial Staff -
Vimar has participated in the project

Elegance and lightness, minimalism in playing with lightness in dark, a silky touch. Such aspects are the conceptual heart of Vimar’s “redesigning” of energy in its new series of switches and plates with an essential design and the latest technologies for increasingly smart environments. The name is Linea. Such switches are true furnishing accessories, available in various finishes and two profiles – aligned and axial – so they can seamlessly integrate and adapt to different spaces.

In the former, the buttons are ever so slightly curved to interrupt the perfect flatness of the plate, creating a minimal protrusion that seems to fade away even further because of the rigorous alignment. The company’s patented In-line technology means the switches automatically return to the original position once the command has been given, making the rocker mechanism of an on/off switch an obsolescence. This increasingly intuitive design is taken a step further with two alternative backlighting solutions: one illuminates the control square at the bottom of the button; the other illuminates, in a vertical light beam, the entire plate, creating an elegant effect that extends across the wall.

Tasti allineati con fascio di luce verticale Courtesy Vimar

The perfect alignment of Linea is even more evident in the axial solution because of the switches being perfectly flat. Once again, the actual switch technology is revolutionary, as patented technology makes the entire switch surface operable. The automation controls share similar features, ideal for a home or for a connected 4.0 space. In addition to the traditional Bus system used to interface multiple connected devices, the Linea series now has an innovative XT platform that provides an excellent solution for contemporary practical and esthetic demands. The result is an ergonomic, elegant design with broad control scalability as additional functions can be added without the need for rewiring, and an interface that improves the user experience through highly ergonomic feedback based on micro-switch technology and customizable, dynamic LED matrix icons. Plus, they have proximity sensors to activate the icons. Attention to detail is a hallmark of the company and, in this case, it means the XT platform controls are coordinated with the socket range, for a complete and innovative system without sacrificing visual pleasure.

Tasti allineati con retroilluminazione standard Courtesy Vimar

The View Wireless system offers a simple solution to upgrade spaces without invasive building work, such that an app or a voice assistance can be used to control lights, blinds, room temperatures, access and energy consumption.

As Linea inherently boosts energy efficiency and adds safety to contemporary living, it is a very viable solution for renovations, upgrades and new installations.

The entire series is available in three color options – white, black and hemp – to blend into any living environment and stylishly match the various materials and 12 different finishes available for the plates, the result of special eco-friendly processing.

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