line-up di TV SUHD 2016 by Samsung
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line-up di TV SUHD 2016

line-up di TV SUHD 2016 by Samsung
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Samsung has participated in the project

With unrivalled image quality, new 2016 SUHD TV line-up is the first series of TVs without a frame: the KS range, from the models of the premium 9000 series to the 7000 series, all available in versions with curved and flat screens, inaugurates the line that Samsung calls Design 360 given that the new TVs are attentively cared for in all aspects and the smallest detail, including the rear.

Samsung 2016 SUHD TVs feature a 10-bit panel with Quantum dot technology for ultra-realistic images, unparalleled brightness, and outstanding contrast and colours that are even more faithful to reality. Displays with Quantum dot technology are able to convert light in all colours of the visible spectrum, without distortions and without detriment to the level of luminosity, for an optimal visual experience independently of the lighting of the surrounding environment.

All Samsung SUHD TVs are able to offer an exceptional HDR (High Dynamic Range) experience with luminosity values of at least 1,000 nit for optimal contrast between light and dark images. In addition, the new Ultra Black technology reduces light reflections, further improving the quality of the image while keeping reverberation to the minimum.

By exploiting the Tizen operating system, with the new TVs it is even easier to find and access one’s preferred content and services, whether it be television programmes, films or games, everything conveniently from the same station thanks to the renewed Smart Hub. In addition, it automatically recognizes the type of peripheral (set-top box, console, OTT box...) or home theatre system connected and is thus able to manage all the external devices with the smart remote control without the need for any supplementary setting.

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